Educational Crafts with the Silhouette CAMEO


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If you are not a very crafty person and do not subscribe to the popular craft blogs, like I do, you may have NO idea what a Silhouette CAMEO is or why I am dedicating an entire series to it. People, this machine is crazy. Crazy awesome, I mean. This machine is a die-cutter, with a teeny tiny blade that can make very intricate cuts in paper, vinyl and even fabric.  Unlike other machines, this one does not require you to purchase cartridges, designs or fonts. You create your own images using their free software, connect the machine to your computer and hit cut!

It is not a cheap machine ($270 at Amazon) but in less than one year, mine easily paid for itself by saving us money on birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and products that can easily become DIY if you have the right tools.

By DIY, I mean that I made my husband and son several etched glasses and mugs with the Star Trek emblem, the Ohio State logo, a LEGO minifigure, and even a Dalek and Tardis from Doctor Who.

I am always on the lookout for new ideas to give me an excuse to use this machine, however I’ve noticed that it is mostly used for designing and crafts, so I wanted to share my ideas for using this machine in your school or for educational projects.

So, welcome to day one: Educational Crafts with the Silhouette CAMEO


How many times have you wished you had some cut-outs of states or countries, like the ones above? These are made of cardstock and are very thick and sturdy. To give you an example of how intricately the Silhouette can cut, I included state abbreviations. Here is what the image looks like in the software before cutting…


Below you can see it just finished cutting Tennessee…


And here is a close up of the states before I separated them…


The Silhouette machine comes with a super sticky mat that holds the paper in place during the cutting. Below is a photo of the paper that was left after I pulled away each state and left behind the letters.  I saved this on transfer paper because I am sure I can find a use for it in the future! It just looks too cool to throw away!


So, what would you do with these? Here are some ideas:

  • Create a matching game by either matching the name of the state or the capital to the cut-out.
  • Use them as puzzle pieces and see how fast you can put the country back together again.
  • If this were created without the abbreviations, you could have a game of guess the state by its shape. 
  • Alphabetize the states by abbreviation.
  • Play along with the book or video for The Scrambled States of America.

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3 thoughts on “Educational Crafts with the Silhouette CAMEO

  1. Ticia

    This is going to be a fun series. I need to use mine more. The big thing I’ve used it for is to make really easy file folder games. Okay, I never glued them to file folders, I just had them match the ice cream to the cone (math problems).

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