Teaching With LEGO: Science

I have one last activity to share with you and I believe this has been my son’s favorite Lego activity of all…

A Periodic Table of Elements made with Legos

Teaching With LEGO: Periodic Table of Elements

To create this table you will need 11 different colors of 2×2 bricks.

  • Color 1 – 7 bricks (non-metals, green on our table)
  • Color 2 – 6 bricks (alkali metals, dark gray on our table)
  • Color 3 – 6 bricks (alkaline earth metals, orange on our table)
  • Color 4 – 35 bricks (transition metals, red on our table)
  • Color 5 – 3 bricks (synthetic chemicals, light yellow on our table)
  • Color 6 – 7 bricks (poor metals, black on our table)
  • Color 7 – 7 bricks (metalloids, yellow on our table)
  • Color 8 – 5 bricks (halogens, tan on our table)
  • Color 9 – 6 bricks (noble gases, white on our table – right column)
  • Color 10 – 15 bricks (lanthanoids, blue on our table)
  • Color 11 – 15 bricks (actinoids, white on our table – bottom row)

Teaching With LEGO: Periodic Table of Elements

The table layout was based off of this image found on Wikipedia.

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2 thoughts on “Teaching With LEGO: Science

  1. Kim

    I have really enjoyed your Legos series. I have one DIE HARD Lego fan at my house and I can’t wait to use your ideas. I really love the idea of filling in state/country outline maps. We are defiinitely going to do that in the fall with our geography studies! Thanks!

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