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Window Sill Decor Ideas. The house is one thing that is very important in human life. The house is one of the primary needs of every person in the world. People do a variety of activities at home, more appropriate rest and sleep. The house becomes our place to enjoy life, as well as a gathering place with family, relatives, and colleagues. There are so many kinds of houses today ranging from luxurious to minimalist.

The house has a lot of parts and rooms in it. In general, rooms owned by the house are the living room, terrace, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. One important part of a house is the window. The window itself has a very function that is as a place in and out of sunlight in a room. Each room in the house must have at least 1 window so that the air circulation in the house runs smoothly and beautifies your home.

Here are some window sill ideas that you can emulate to beautify your home

Medium Sized Window

Medium Sized Window Design

This window sill idea is a combination between a sizeable window and a sill that is only slightly highlighted. This combination is very often used in various homes.

Unfortunately, a window sill that is not too wide is the weakness of this combination. But people love this design because it looks simple and that why many houses use this design.

Sill Is On The Inside Of The House

Sill Is On The Inside Of The House Interior

The next window sill idea is almost the same as the first one where the sill of the window is not too wide. The difference in this design is the sill is on the inside of the house.

This design is favorite of many people because it has a simple appearance. In addition, this sill design is also not too excessive.

The Sill Is Made Wider

The Sill Is Made Wider Furniture Design

In this design, the window sill is made wider than the normal one. Because the size of the sill is quite wide, you can put sine additional accessories or tools to add aesthetics.

This sill design is also very often used on windows in every room of the house. This design is usually used in the kitchen window.

A Luxurious Design

A Luxurious Design Furniture Online

For those of you who have an elegant and luxurious home, you can use this luxurious window sill idea. This sill design is mostly made of marble which has a very beautiful pattern.

In addition, the sill of this design is made wide enough that some decorations can be placed. This design is usually used in the kitchen window.

Luxury design with Additional Chairs

Luxury design with Additional Chairs Furniture DIY

The next window sill design idea is also quite luxurious and elegant. This design has a characteristic color that is dominated by white. Besides, the sill is also made into beautiful seat.

This design can be combined with white furniture such as chair, table, and vas. In order to be able to look more luxurious and elegant window.

Adding An Additional Wooden Sill

Adding An Additional Wooden Sill Design

If you don’t have window sill in your house, you can make it by yourself from wood. You can use an aluminum stand to refute the wood.

This design is economical because you only need wood and some stands that is easy to get and cheap. For the size of the sill, you can adjust it based on your needs.

Maintaining The Old Sill

Maintaining The Old Sill

For those of you who like the impression of a vintage but still looks elegant, you can use or maintain a wooden window sill that is old. This design usually accentuates a wooden sill that looks weathered.

The wood that looks starting to decay and paint that begins to disappear becomes one of the attractions of this design.

Adding Some Plants

Adding Some Plants Flower

The next window sill idea is that you can add some decorative plants to your sill. This plant is useful to make the sill in your home more beautiful.

Adding some types of plants to your sill is also able to give a refreshing impression. Choose plants that are small in size to make the sill looks better.

Using Carved Sills

Using Carved Sills Exterior

To add the impression of elegance and luxury to your home, you can add a carved window sill. This type of sill is quite expensive because it has to go through a fairly difficult engraving process.

By using this sill, your home will look more luxurious not only from inside but from outside the house as well.

Adding Decorations On The Tall Windows

Adding Decorations On The Tall Windows Furniture Picture

Every house must have several windows that are located quite high. The window sill on the window is usually wide enough and fits into some decorations.

You can add decorations such as vases, mini plants, and other decorations. This design is very suitable for utilizing an empty window to make it look more attractive and beautiful.

Using The Sill Made From Gypsum

Using The Sill Made From Gypsum Outdoor Image

Gypsum is one of the materials that can be used to make some home decorations. Gypsum can also be used to make a very beautiful window sill.

The sill design made from gypsum are usually like terraces. And most of the colors of this sill are white that comes from gypsum. This design is perfect to make your home window more beautiful.

Wooden Sills

Wooden Sills Red White Walls

For those of you who prefer wood-based equipment in your house, you can also use wood to make your home window sill. The appearance of this type of this sill is quite simple.

The sill that made of wood will give the impression of classic and vintage to your window. You can paint the sill with the color that you like.

Adding Sill That Matches With The Floor

Adding Sill That Matches With The Floor DIY

You can add window sill to several windows in your home. The sill can be combined with colors and patterns on your floor to make it look more harmonious.

You can make a sill that is wide enough so that you can use it as a seat. The color of the sill must be adjusted to window.

Adding Some Candle And Flowers

Adding Some Candle And Flowers Furniture

To make your window sill more beautiful, you can add some candles and a vase as well. Candles will give a relaxing impression for you.

In addition, by adding vases or ornamental plants to your sill will increasingly make your home more attractive. This sill will look more amazing at night because there are some candles and vases.

Changin The Sill Into A Bed

Changin The Sill Into A Bed Interior Small Room

One of the interesting ideas in utilizing window sill in your home is turning it into a bed. You can relax on the sill while looking at the view outside your house through the window.

However, you must ensure that the sill in your home is very wide. So that you are comfortable and do not feel cramped.

Painting The Small Sill

Painting The Small Sill Mirrors

If your house does not have a window sill or only has a sill that is not too wide, you can still decorate it by painting.

You can also paint the window so that it looks harmonious with your sill. In addition, a sill that is not too wide can still look attractive by just painting it with your favorite colors.

Using Sill Made Of Ceramics

Using Sill Made Of Ceramics Models


Utilizing ceramics to make an attractive window sill is one idea that you can emulate. The use of ceramics will give a pretty luxurious appearance to your window.

You should choose quality ceramics and brightly colored such as white. Ceramics itself has advantages which are resistant to weathering to scratches. That’s why ceramics become a favorite material.

Installing Additional Sills

If you want to have window sill in your house, you can install additional sills on your window. This sill can be found in store building in your city.

You have to make sure the size of the sill that you will install is the same as your window size. You can install a sill that is not too wide

Installing The Sill In The Kitchen Window

Kitchen is a place that requires good air circulation. So that the window in your kitchen looks more attractive, you can add a window sill in your kitchen.

In addition to adding aesthetics in your kitchen, the sill can also be used to store some items. You can put some decorations on it to make it more beautiful.

Adding Wooden Accent

Window sill generally gas a plain color, for example white. Some people get bored with these colors. You can add wood accents to the sill.

You can install wood or paint it with wood color. By adding wood accents, your window will look more amazing than before. With combination of 2 different colors will eliminate the boredom of your window.

Installing Sills Made Of Bricks

Another idea that you can try to change the appearance of your window is to install a window sill made of bricks. The red color that produced by the bricks will make your window more amazing.

Before installing it, you must ensure that the brick has been smoothed. So you don’t get hurt while touching the sill.

Combine 3 Colors

Another way that you can do to beautify your window sill is to paint it. But you have to paint with a combination of 3 different colors to make it look more attractive.

You can find some references about color combinations that you like. By painting the sill and the window, it will make them last longer.

Adding Additional Accessories under The Sill

If you are bored with the window sill in your home, you can add some decorations and accessories to make it more beautiful. You have to add decorations and accessories that have a color similar to your sill and window.

It is done in order to make your sill does not feel empty and some decorations can be used according to function.

Improve Your Sill

Owning an amazing window sill is one of the dreams of several people. You can improve the sill in your home by painting or replacing it with a new one.

This method is quite effective and fairly economical. You can get a sill in your home like new and look more attractive to look at.

Window Sill with a Minimalist Design

This first idea you can use to make your window sill more beautiful. This minimalist design only adapts to the original shape of the window, which is square.

With colors that adjust the color of the wall paint, this can make it look simple but still aesthetic. In addition, the design of the window sill is also quite sturdy and looks simple and clean.

Black Window Sill

If you are a lover of objects that nuanced monochrome, like black and white, this window sill design is perfect for you. This design is suitable if you combine it with white or slightly gray wall paint.

Although black in color and with the addition of gold-colored window handles, this window still gives the impression of elegance and luxury, and makes your home feel more comfortable.

Combination of Window Sill and Bench

This window sill also has a unique design, which is a window that integrates with a bench or chair. This design further shows that the window is not only as a pathway for the entry of sunlight into the room.

This design requires architects to make it with strong material and withstands heavy loads. This window is suitable for use in large buildings such as halls or school corridors.

Combination of Window Sill and Sofa Bed

Windows can not only be combined with a bench, but can also be combined with a sofa bed. This window sill design is more suitable if it is in the living room.

With the addition of a few small pillows and the size of the window sill a little bit longer than the window in general, making the atmosphere more comfortable and relaxed.

Combination of Window Sill and Drawer

The next unique combination is the window with drawers that can store things. Usually this window sill design is used for a room such as a wardrobe or a room near a bathroom.

With materials such as cement, ceramics, or marble, this design will be more robust and seem clean and neat. This design also usually exists in luxurious and stately homes.

Combination of Window Sill and Mini Garden

For those who like farming, this window sill design is perfect for you. This design is formed from a combination of windows with a mini garden that is on the outside of the window.

This mini garden can be planted with flowers, vegetables and other plants. Maybe this design is usually suitable for use in homes in places where the air is clean like in the village.

Combination of Window and Table

The design of the next combination of home furniture is the window sill design with a combination of wooden tables. This design is suitable for a minimalist house with brown wood color with white wall paint.

This combination of wooden table can be used as a table for learning, or doing something. Besides being able to be used as a table, because the window sill position is quite short.

Window Sill with Mini Pots

The next design is still related to plants. If you live in cities or tall buildings but still want to have a garden, this window sill design is very suitable to apply.

You can put plants and small flowers into a pot which is then placed on a wooden board above the window sill. You can also decorate the pots by giving them colored paint.

Window Sill Prominent

If you have insufficient space to place decorations or decorations such as flower pots, this design will help resolve the issue. This design looks like a window that arises or protrudes outward.

Window sills like this are suitable for use in homes with vintage or classic designs, as seen in pictures using wooden walls. The colors used are also nude colors.

Window Sill with Candles

Window with a place for candles is suitable for people who like decorative candles and aromatherapy candles. The window sill design is more of a warm, relaxed, and calm theme. Especially if coupled with aromatherapy, this usually can affect a person’s mood or health.

This design is suitable for windows or furniture that is brown or the natural color of wood, because the color is more matching and seems natural. This design will certainly be even more beautiful at night.

Window Sill with Fragrances

For people who like fragrances, design a window sill with decorations containing perfumes and flowers that have a fragrant aroma. You can display your favorite perfume here.

Designs like this are usually in private rooms or can also be in the bathroom, because in addition to being used for body perfume, this also makes your room fragrant, and fresh.

Window Sill Buffet

To use the window sill, you can use it as a sideboard, which is a place to store things. Items that are usually placed there are books, picture frames, and small pots containing plants or flowers.

With a neat arrangement of items to make this design become more modern and look clean. The beauty of this design is coupled with a combination of white and dark gray paint.

Window Sill Instagram Able

Wooden window sill with the addition of some beautiful objects on it, making this design look more attractive, aesthetic and Instagram able, very suitable for today’s teenagers.

With the color combination of objects that match the house wall paint, making this design look more aesthetic. Plants that are usually used as decorations are small plants such as mini cactus.

Wood Window Sill

It is not strange if all the furniture used in it is made of wood. One of them is wooden window sill that looks simple but sturdy.

With the natural design of the wood, this is very suitable when combined with wall paint that is colored in harmony with the natural color of wood, which is light brown.

Large Window Sill

In large houses, the owner usually uses a large window. This may be because a large house requires a lot of incoming sunlight too.

To make the window better, it is more suitable if the window sill uses sturdy wood material. So that it’s not too simple, maybe you can put a flower vase or small pillows as decorations.

Large Window Sill in the Bathroom

In most rich and luxurious homes, they usually use a large bathtub in the bathroom. And usually the location of their home is in an area with beautiful natural scenery.

This can be utilized by using large and luxurious windows to enjoy the view while soaking in the bathtub. Even though the square shape of the window sill looks simple.

Minimalist Window Sill in the Bathroom

In a bathroom that is not too luxurious you can also use to make a window that is not too big with a window sill that can be used as a decoration for small plant pots.

You can also put your favorite perfume there. With a minimalist window design and seem simple because it is only white.

Window Sill with Sink

The window is also exist in the kitchen. Usually the window sill in the kitchen is near the sink or a place to wash dishes and cooking utensils.

In addition to the entry of sunlight, when you wash the dishes you can while looking at the scenery outside the house as well as to refresh the eyes seeing green plants.

Window Sill with Classic / Vintage Sink

For this one design, it looks more classic or vintage with a blend of color between the window sill and the sink which is rather white or arguably white bone.

You can add with decorations such as green plants placed in clear pots like glass cups. With the addition of brick texture can add aesthetics to this design.

Simple Aluminum Window Sill

This window is one of the simpler designs than the previous designs. This window sill is made of aluminum material and combined with ceramic as a table or place to put items.

This design looks simple because its shape is only square with the original color of aluminum itself. This design can look more attractive if you put decorations like flowers.

Window Sill Made from Particle Board

Particle Board is an artificial board or wood that is made from sawdust or sawn wood that is compacted using a press machine. You can use this material as your window sill.

Besides its price which is relatively cheaper than other types of wood, this material is easy to dismantle and install, making it suitable for furniture making such as this sill.

Installing Marble Sill Window

Marble becomes one of the most widely used materials in various places in a house such as window sill. The beauty of the style and also its very long-lasting make marble a favorite of many people.

You can install marble sill in your kitchen to make it more beautiful. Make sure the quality marble is good.

Installing Marble Window Sill Becomes a Stairway

Window sill made of marble is very popular with many people. Because of its beauty and its amazing pattern.

You can install the sill into a staircase. Normally there are 2 sill that are usually used in one window in a room. In addition, marble not only has a white base color, but there are also some black marble.

Install Window Sill As Needed

People who are just about to build a house or who will install a window sill, usually do not mind the size of the sill. But now, you must notice the size of the sill that you will install.

This is very important for you that want to decorate your house. They can’t decorate the sill because the size is too small.

You can use the information above as your reference. Hopefully, the inspiration about various window sill can help you decorate your house.

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